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Accessories For Your Coldwell Banker Yard Signs That Can Lead To More Sales

Coldwell Banker yard signs are out there working 24 hours per day, letting the world know about your listing. You can make your Coldwell Banker yard signs job a little easier with a few accessories. By utilizing these accessories for your Coldwell Banker yard signs, they can produce more sales, even into the night.

Solar Sign Lights

Your Coldwell Banker yard signs can be seen 24 hours a day with solar sign lights. These solar powered lights illuminate your Coldwell Banker yard signs. The nighttime visibility provided by these solar sign lights draws potential buyers to your listing, even when it's dark outside.

These simple to install solar sign lights are small and powerful. Since they use solar energy to operate, there are no complicated installations or wires to deal with. They operate exactly like solar landscape lighting, except they are customized to light Coldwell Banker yard signs. Numerous real estate agents report that these sign lights are an incentive to sellers for awarding a listing, as sellers love the nighttime exposure they provide.

Some solar sign light models stick in the ground to light your Coldwell Banker yard signs from underneath. Other solar sign lights mount to the frame of your Coldwell Banker yard signs, illuminating both sides from above.

These solar sign lights are also valuable for lighting open house arrows, stock riders, mailboxes, brochures boxes, lock boxes, and more.

Brochure Boxes

If you need an easy, convenient, and cost effective way to display flyers for your listing, consider brochure boxes. Quickly becoming just as necessary a real estate agent supply today as Coldwell Banker yard signs, brochure boxes give potential buyers fast access to a home's listing information while they are interested in the property.

There are two different types of brochure boxes: a brochure box that attaches to your Coldwell Banker yard signs or a standalone unit that includes a box and a metal stake frame. Brochure boxes that attach to your Coldwell Banker yard signs put forth a more organized look, but standalone brochure boxes work just as well.

Choose brochure boxes that are the same size as your flyer (usually 8.5" x 11") instead of a cylinder flyer holder. Brochure boxes as large as your flyer keep your flyers looking nicer. Flyers curl with the use of a cylinder flyer holder, making them difficult to read and keep.

In addition, select brochure boxes with a lid so it doesn't collect water when it rains. Small drain holes in the bottom work well for draining out any water that does accumulate. Choose brochure boxes that hold at least 50 flyers so you don't have to refill as often and look for boxes with the preprinted words “Take One.” This invites potential buyers to take action. For visibility at night, consider a solar light brochure box. These boxes have a built in solar light that effectively illuminates your brochure box, just like the solar sign lights for your Coldwell Banker yard signs.

These accessories can provide you with a simple way to bring about more sales. The sign experts at Oakley Signs & Graphics carry plenty of Coldwell Banker yard signs and accessories that can help make your business a success.
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